You can join the Pirate Game any time you want, as long as there is a warband available!

There are 4 warbands:

The Red Soldiers
red coats, white pants. Their captain wears red epaulettes.
The Blue Soldiers
blue coats, blue pants.
The Red Pirates
red pants, red headscarves. Their captain wears red epaulettes.
The Blue Pirates
blue pants, blue headscarves. Except their captain, he wears blue epaulettes.
These warbands spent a lot of time stealing each other's treasure chests. (Their only other pasttime is to criticize each other's complete lack of fashion sense!)
Although these bands consist of Captains and followers, this has no actual game effect - the Captain moves and fights like every other minifig in the warband.
The game takes place in turns.
A warband enters at 1 side of the board, all minifigs standing on the edge of the board.
The minifigs must be at most two studs apart, unless there is no other way.
Once movement begins, minifigs may move as far from each other as they like.


It doesn't matter if your minifig is in a weird position, but if you can't fit the minifig in a position, it can't go there!


Note that, unlike other wargames, only the player whose turn it is gets to make attacks, even in hand-to-hand combat.




If a warband manages to get the treasure chest completely off the board, that warband has achieved it's purpose.
Note that a chest is 4 studs long; the minifig carrying may be off the board, but as long as part of the chest is still on the board, it is still in play! (Chest handles don't count though).
This is the only circumstance in which a minifig off the board still counts, even if that minifig can no longer attack/be attacked.
After the chest is completely off the board, all minifigs in the warband are removed from play.
The winning player will now put back the chest on the field, at any place (s)he thinks will make for an interesting battle!

Feel free to create rules for crocodiles, the cannon, slipping over the banana, or anything else - as long as it's funny and all players agree!